Session work

These cartoons were drawn live, during work sessions and meetings for our clients. To prepare for your meeting, we always carefully study your meeting’s brief and other background information.

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  • Pension Gap: 'Nurse can you give me one last push?'

  • Nike

  • 'I think Bak with a K is more aesthetically pleasing.'

  • Upperlands. Netherlands. 'Nice, a new Netherlands made of dredged sand. And 30 meters higher.''

  • Lots of external consulting: 'How is your tire pressure?'

  • 'This cap symbolizes the helicopter view I need as a program manager.' 'Shit, I need a cap like that too."

  • '...and, zero emission.'

  • Childcare. 'No, we'll let you bring him up.'

  • Social Media. 'I don't care what they know about me.'

  • 'I think she has a language development problem.' 'Two and a half weeks old.' 'Hope she'll be okay.'

  • 'I might be senile, but I am a customer.'

  • 'Communication is Fingerspitzegefühl.' 'Don't talk with your hand in front of your mouth.'