A portrait can be serious – or fun! They are an ideal gift for colleagues, friends and family. MeetCartoons creates portraits on paper (pen and ink, watercolor), canvas (oil paint) or wood panel (oil paint, just like Rembrandt!).

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  • Beatrix, Oil on canvas

  • Arnon Grunberg, Watercolor

  • Dylan Thomas, Watercolor

  • Erica Terpstra, Watercolor

  • Claudia de Breij, Watercolor

  • Vladimir Putin, Watercolor

  • Angela Merkel, Watercolor

  • Erik van MUiswinkel, Watercolor

  • Dieuwertje Blok, Watercolor

  • King Willem Alexander, Watercolor

  • Sasha Grey, Crayon on paper

  • Most wanted girl, Oil on canvas